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  • If Sports Teams Dropped the Ball on Knowledge Management, You Wouldn’t Be a Fan

    If anyone understands the importance of knowledge and information management, it’s sports teams. Major and minor sports teams track, monitor, and analyze every player’s health, their progress, their every movement to determine their value. They use the knowledge generated from sales of merchandise, tickets, and concessions to help guide future ticket price and merchandise decisions. […]

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  • I am a Professional; Why am I Marketing Instead of Being Said Professional?

    Every consultant, every small business, every professional can relate to the relentless and overwhelming struggle to balance business development and marketing activities with completing actual client workload. You must do good work to get future work, but you must also work on marketing yourself because what happens when the current work dries up? And we […]

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  • How to be authentic amongst 29 million other “small” businesses in North America

    Marketing and business development went from something professionals typically just didn’t do to something that we obsess about almost overnight. It used to be that professionals went to school, graduated with a professional designation, “hung a shingle” over the exterior door, and then did “good work” to generate a strong career path with lifelong client […]

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  • The Four Most Common Perils of Implementing an Information Management System

    Many firms spend a fortune implementing information management systems and then abandon the project mere months later when they fail to perform as hoped. Here are four reasons why those firms were doomed to fail at implementing their information management system: 1.They Treated the System Like a Tool Rather than a Resource A tool is […]

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  • 3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Shift Culture at Your Firm

    Culture; every business place has one. In fact “culture” was Merriam-Webster’s 2014 word of the year. So what have you done to encourage a positive cultural work atmosphere? We hear about the positive culture at the Top 50 Places to Work, perhaps you’ve even read about some of the “far-fetched” and “big budget” expenditures these […]